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Shipping Rate Chart

OC Dropship Shipping Rate0.png

*NOTE: Volumetric or Actual Weight will be considered, whichever is higher.

Volumetric Weight = LxBxH(cm)/5000

Actual Weight = Dead Weight of the Box on Weighing Scale

Serviceable Pin code List:                  (Click on the icon to Start Download)

This is the list of pin codes that are serviceable from our warehouse. Please check your customer's Pin code if in doubt about the delivery at that particular pincode.

Shipping Terms & Policies

  • RTO Charge is Applicable on 2 Party Basis. This means Some parts of the RTO charge will be Born by ONECART and some parts of the RTO charge by the sellers.

  • These Charges are the charges given by the courier partners for the forward logistics. In Reverse Logistics, ONECART has made RTO Charge accordingly to take some part of the charge on themselves.

  • ONECART is not taking/charging any cost or commission on these shipping rates.

  • Any Concession is not provided to us by the shipping company so we request you to Please Do not ask for the same.

  • The maximum COD amount should be no more than ₹1600/- An amount greater than this should be processed only under PREPAID only.

  • The RTO Charge is as same as the Forward Logistics Charge. But the resellers will be charged according to the RTO Charge mentioned in the Rate Chart.

  • For prepaid orders, the amount of bill should be transferred to our given account before dispatch.

  • As per our tie-up with the courier company, the company makes 3 attempts to deliver any parcel to the customer. If in any of the mentioned cases the customer rejects the delivery, the contact number is wrong, the address is incorrect, Pincode is incorrect, etc. the ONECART is not responsible for the Non-Delivery Status. Reseller should contact their customer for the further/future delivery of that parcel.

  • The Delivery/Shipping charge will be deducted from your weekly payout and you will get your margin for the orders whose parcel is delivered and the shipping company has given that amount for that respective order.

  • Resellers' payout for successful orders will be done on SATURDAY of every week.

  • The RTO Charges will be deducted from the weekly payout and a report will be sent to you will bill no. respectively.

  • All the weight written on the website is only 70% exact, others are randomly just an estimate and not exact. Please confirm the weight before you take an order from your customer so that you can calculate the shipping rate based on it easily.

  • These shipping rates are subject to change at any time without any prior notice if our courier company's rate gets updated due to any reason.

  • For more, contact us on our email, call or WhatsApp.

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