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  • [Strong Magnetic]:This powerful magnetic phone holder can produce a strong attraction,firmly support your mobile phone,adapt to various road conditions,sudden braking, speed bumps and rugged mountain roads.It will not fall easily,ensuring driving safety
  • [360-Degree Flexible Rotation]:The angle of the phone mount is flexible and can be rotated at will.Easy to operate,provide you with a good vision in all directions.One-handed access,freeing both hands,making calls and GPS navigation more convenient
  • [Multi-function,Multi-scene Use]:Universal model,suitable for various models of car and mobile phones. It can be used in multiple scenarios like the bathroom, cabinet, kitchen, car, etc
  • [Amazing Design]:It's small in size and can be placed at will.It is compact and does not occupy any space in the car,and can be installed on any plane in the car

Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car with 360°Rotation

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