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  • This strong magnetic phone holder has the ability to generate a powerful attraction, securely hold your phone, and respond to a variety of road situations, including rapid braking, speed bumps, and rough mountain roads.It won't fall over easily, preserving driving security.
  • The phone mount's angle can be adjusted and rotated at will.It is simple to use and gives you a clear field of vision.allowing for one-handed operation, releasing both hands, and improving the convenience of GPS navigation
  • The magnetic field is stable, and there is no interference with the mobile phone signal.Soft silicone forms the phone's contact surface with the holder, preventing scratches on the device.
  • Universal design, ideal for a range of automobile and smartphone types. It can be utilised in a variety of settings, including the lavatory, cupboard, kitchen, and automobile.

Stronger 6X Magnets Magnetic Mobile Holder for Car Stand with 360° Rotation

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